the chef!

6 meals cooked in 6 homes, starting with the teacher's. Socialize in a natural setting and learn new recipes from the other participants, plus lots of food-related and other vocabulary.
> Place: Students' homes

How do you like your eggs – scrambled, poached or sunny side up? Just by tasting a wine, can you figure out which continent it comes from? Why is there no translation for “Guten Appetit” in English? The teacher kicks off this series of home-cooked English courses with a vegetarian meal inspired by the cuisine of his home state New Mexico. The next lesson will be hosted by one of the other participants, who gets to show off what they like to cook the most. The host's homework is to submit a list of ingredients, required cooking utensils and recipes used for the meal – in English of course. Homework for the other participants is to write a review about the meal and give it a 1-5 star rating. If everyone agrees, pictures, videos and recipes of the meals can be shared in a closed Facebook group.

Cost per participant: 160 euros
Additional costs: ingredients to prepare one full meal for 6 people
Lessons: 6 x 120 minutes
Time: 7-9 pm
Number of participants: 5

The teacher, David P. Steel, taught English for about 6 years in Basel, Switzerland in the 1990s. His passion for learning languages (and frustration with current methods) drives his determination to take the language learning experience out of the classroom and into more engaging contexts – like the kitchen!