Native American culture is full of mysteries and profound wisdom. This 3-lesson course focuses on the medicine and spirit world of a variety of tribes. Stories will be woven around real artefacts on display.
> Place: Deutsches Ledermuseum
> Time: NOON

The course starts by looking at the wide diversity of indigenous people known as “Native Americans” (also known as “American Indians”). At one time there were more than 300 tribes in North America, each with their own distinct culture, rituals and beliefs. A shaman (also known as a “medicine man”) was a mixture of what today we would call a priest and a doctor. Participants will learn about their fascinating beliefs, based on readings in the course book and exhibits in the Deutsches Ledermuseum. The final lesson will be led by the students themselves!

Cost per participant: 60 euros (includes admission to the museum)
Additional costs: approx. 13 euros for the course book
Lessons: 3 x 60 minutes
Time: 12-1 pm
Number of participants: min.8 - max.12

The teacher, Evelyn Johnson, has taught English to children and adults since 2011. During her studies in English Literature & Anthropology she was also a guide at the Deutsches Ledermuseum. Her passion for Native Americans is infectious – particularly those of the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up.