Improve your English in creative ways

Learning a foreign language is a never-ending process. Everyone can speak English already, of course, but just when you really need it most, you fumble to find the right words and struggle to express yourself naturally.

OF COURSE is a small group of certified English teachers who want to help others improve their language skills outside of the conventional classroom setting. So we came up with a few courses that we personally would love to teach. Choose the one that interests you most. You'll have so much more fun learning, if it's a subject you really care about.

Course dates are flexible! When you sign up, choose the dates you are available and once the course is full, the common dates will be finalized.

OF Courses January - March 2015

by Dollar

A 6-week course designed around the classic American radio drama “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”. You'll get so wrapped up in the suspense of this crime thriller, you'll forget you are actually learning!
> Place: Kaiserstr. 32-34


Native American culture is full of mysteries and profound wisdom. This 3-lesson course focuses on the medicine and spirit world of a variety of tribes. Stories will be woven around real artefacts on display.
> Place: Deutsches Ledermuseum
> Time: NOON

the chef!

6 meals cooked in 6 homes, starting with the teacher's. Socialize in a natural setting and learn new recipes from the other participants, plus lots of food-related and other vocabulary.
> Place: Students' homes

in April

An English immersion course on a riverboat cruise in France? Socializing with English native speakers on a leisurely trip down La Seine? Why not! Join us for a luxury vacation chaperoned by a highly experienced and entertaining English teacher.
> Place: River cruise from Paris through Normandy
> Time: 9-16 April 2015

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